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Problem with creating users

Hi,<br><br> we have Unity, we are using it more than year. After some time I tryed to add new users and it is imposible. When I fill in form for new user and submit it, Unity answers:<br><br>Deleted object.<br>This object has been deleted.<br><br>Old users works well (can receive voicemail, ...). When I deleted one old user (existing in Unity), I can't it create again. Other users I tryed to create weren't in Unity never before. I checked license and Unity say 65000/63/64937.<br><br>Does some one same problem? And solution?<br><br>Jirka Novak<br><br>


Re: Problem with creating users

OK I think I am confused here. Are you trying to import or add a new user? When you are trying one of those tasks you get the error message that 'This object has been deleted'. That is what Unity tells you?

How are you deleting these users? Are you whacking the mailbox from Exchange or removing them from the Unity GUI?


Keith Chambers
Unity Technical Lead
Unified Voice Team, San Jose
Cisco Systems


Re: Problem with creating users

All operations were done by GUI. I tryed to Add new user, I made this steps (and I make it again):
- Open Unity administration page
- choosed 'Subscribers'
- choosed plus sign
- check and find existing user in Exchange
- in exchange we have phone numbers in long international form (+...) so i shorted it to extension
- and submited page by 'Add' button

After that page "flashed" as usual and there was normal page (left pane, top header and central window). In header, there was text:
Object with alias novakji (novakji is short of my user in exchange)
And in central window, there was two lines with text:
Deleted object
This object has been deleted.

When we try delete and later add existing user, it was deleted by Unity GUI and added by GUI too. But it doesn't work too.

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