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Problem with DiRT Restore with 4.0(3)

I received the following error towards the end of the DiRT restore process:

Starting resync of SQL to the directory at: 10/18/2003 7:40:01 PM

(error) Failed to syncronize SQL data with the directory. Error number=-2147467259 Description=Method '~' of object '~' failed

Sync finished at: 10/18/2003 7:51:22 PM

I backed up a clean Unity 4.0(3) and just built this new server. This was a domain and exchange server change. A restore to a different Win2K AD domain and to a different Exchange 2K server.

It added all of my subscribers in the default location. It didn't match anything.

Any ideas?

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Re: Problem with DiRT Restore with 4.0(3)

First, what version of DiRT restore are you using? Be sure you're using the latest off

second, problems with the SQL Sync don't normally have anything to do with DiRT itself - it usually indicates your new installation is not flying right (the source of most of the DiRT restore problem reports I get).

The place to start is by looking at the SQLSyncSvrxxx logs found in \commserver\logs - a new log is created each time an SQL synch is called (this is a process by which the directory monitors create/bind to objects in the directory from SQL). In there will be some information I'm betting.

Normally this has to do with the account you have setup for directory facing services not being configured properly for rights in AD or a problem with your domain controller or something along those lines. I often see sites where the new installation did not create objects in the directory properly to begin with (i.e. the distribution lists, location objects etc...) but folks don't notice that and plow ahead with the DiRT restore and run into situations like this.

You can manually kick off an SQL synch by going to the commserver/configurationSetup directory and running "setup -sync" which will kick off the same process and generate it's own SQLSyncSvrxxx log noted above - you can try this and see if it fails (it likely will).

Dimes to doughnuts there's a problem with your directory facing account and/or your DC/GC somewhere along the line. I'd do a clean install and very carefully check to be sure all the default objects are created in the directory and ensure you can create new users via the SA and they show up properly in AD - once you've verified that, then do the DiRT restore again.


Re: Problem with DiRT Restore with 4.0(3)

It's also a good idea to turn on the AvDSAD traces from the Unity Diagnostic Tool. Those traces are needed to determine where the AvDSAD directory facing service is having problems -- assuming that this is where the root failure is coming from.


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Re: Problem with DiRT Restore with 4.0(3)


Thanks for the push in the right direction. The customer moved all of his users into a container outside of the range that I used for the Permissions Wizard. In a nutshell, the DirSvc account didn't have the proper rights to those accounts. I re-ran the PermissionsWizard and then ran the setup -sync. No errors now.

I also had a group of accounts whose alias did change. The Migrate Subscriber Data utility cleaned those up nicely.

Thanks again.

- Tony

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