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Problem with hunt group and CM 3.3.2

The situation is quite simple:

We have installed a CM 3.3.2 from scratch, new environment. We have connected few phones and a gateway. All services area active and started.

WE have created a pilot point and a related hint group with two phones direct, without AC user.

Stop and start TCD to be sure all is ok.

Now, making the pilot point number...busy tone, no way. Same thing in our lab.

Prior to open a tac case I would like to check if someone other has found and resolver this problem.

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem with hunt group and CM 3.3.2

You have to configure AC user as mentioned in

In case if you have configured them, can you check the partitions of the Pilot Point and the CSS of the calling phone.

New Member

Re: Problem with hunt group and CM 3.3.2


If I create the user and associate all the phone to that user, no problem , it works but, this behavior is still needed if I don'w want to create an attendant console but a normal hunt group with 3-4 phone number, without user, etcc....

This is very strange because in the past this was not needed, you could create a hunt group, add the phone numbers and stop, all worked. NOw, if you have tens of hunt group and new phone to add is quite complex, you have to add a lot of pilot point, phones, etc... to that users. So, could you confirm that now, with CM 3.3 this is the only way? And there are some limitation on the number of phone and Piolot point associated to one user (ac)?




Re: Problem with hunt group and CM 3.3.2

The old WebAttendant was able to work like this. In CM 3.3, Attendant Console uses JTAPI, so it needs to have a username that is associated with all of the hunt devices.

I havent seen a limit on the number of devices you can associate to 1 user, I have seen customers that have hundreds associated though.

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