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Problem with service login


I'm configuring Extension mobility service.

I select Login service, and when I sign on, I have got the error: " proxy not allowed "

I find in Cisco documentation " troubleshooting extension mobility in Cisco callmanager". For this error, you must check the application user ID in Cisco Callmanager has ‘ enable authentication Proxy Rights ' selected. But it's already selected.

I need help, thanks


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Re: Problem with service login

You need to make sure that he user that you define in appadmin for the login and logout service has the proxy right enabled. Is that the user that has the proxy rights or is it the user that you are logging in with the proxy rights.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Problem with service login

Thank you Mckee,

You were right; it was not the good user. But I have an other question. Now the only user who can use login and logout service, is the user define in appadmin!

An other user wants to use these services. I create a new device profile, I configure his profile, but he can't login because in appadmin login and logout application are configured for a different user.

Must I create a generic application (login and logout) for each user?

Thanks. Casta

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Re: Problem with service login

No you dont need to create an application login for each user.

You just create one application login and a users login uses the app login to talk to Extension mobility.. if that makes sense.

Its explained quite well in this document:-

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