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Problems identifying the devicename

I am using CME 4.3 and SCP 41.8_2_2SR1S, and have coded a service using PHP in a web server.

I have configurer the url of the service using that command;

url "http://<ip>/phoneservice.php"

Thats worked for me on CME 4.1, But on 4.3 the phones does not access directly to my service but a service from CME (the devicename is sent by the phones just in the firts request, so now, using 4.3 It's not sent).

I readed that a tag called #DEVICENAME# can be usead as a part of the URL. I tried to do;

url "http://<ip>/phoneservice.php?device=#DEVICENAME"

But the phone just get "#DEVICENAME#" as parameter, but not the real name. So It seems to be that the tag is not changed.

How that tag should be used?


Re: Problems identifying the devicename

Can't you just give the phone back the service url they had on CME 4.1?

I have never seen the new service page (there really is one now... so you manage services by CME and you have the same abilities as with CCM?) but I figure it would get the device name and then you have to make that service page give the parameter to subsequent services.

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Re: Problems identifying the devicename

On CME 4.1 the URL for services was just the url to my own service, so the phone send me the devicename on 'name' parameter.

Now there is a service page on the CME as first request (with one "link" to my service). So It's the CME getting the 'name' parameter, the next request to my service is done without 'name'.

In documentation i see that you can put the tag #DEVICENAME# as part of URL and It should be changed, but if I print the variable in my service i just print '#DEVICENAME#' not the realname.

I have semi-solved the problem adding XML on raw into phone configurations to access to my own service directly, without request the CME services page firts.

Re: Problems identifying the devicename

you can only use the #DEVICENAME# tag in services that are provisioned via subscriptions from the callmanager and go via the ccmcip/xmldirectory scripts (that is where it get replaced with the device name, the phone is not really doing anything with the tag...

Re: Problems identifying the devicename

So there you have it.. if you want to have multiple services on CME, you need to write your own service selection page that mimicks the service entry page for CCM (a CiscoIPPhoneMenu listing all subscribed services).. and read out the device name and add it to each service url making sure that you check if the service url already contains a query string and in that case append &name=SEP123 instead of appending ?name=SEP123 (and of course don't forget about the xml encoding of &...)

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