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Problems importing Public Distribution Lists, 4.0-2 and Exchange 2K

I can import a group from AD and Unity accepts the import but when I look for members, there are none. I think that they really are there but not being displayed because teh system will not let me add them from the subscriber list. It does not seem to matter what types of groups I create in AD (I have been creating Universal Distibutions) or where in teh AD tree I create them (in the Users OU or in a Distibution Lists OU set at the root of the tree.

Thanks for any help in advance

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Re: Problems importing Public Distribution Lists, 4.0-2 and Exch

I'll poke around a bit here, but can you try this with a security DL instead of a global/universal DL real quick?

Also, be aware that Unity isn't going to show all members of the DL in the SA interface - we'll only show top level members that are subscribers or known DLs to us (i.e. those objects that are represented in our database somewhere). These are different than DLs that are assigned to name lookup handlers in that respect.

Unity simply hands messages off to Exchange to deliver in this case so we don't need to keep a complete, flattened list of members in our database for these lists - as such even if you don't see the list of users in the SA, if they're in the DL in AD messages are going to get to those folks.

I'll run a few tests on a 4.0(2) release system and see what I come up with but in the meantime if you can try these tests with a security group and see if the behavior is the same, that'd be helpfull. Also be aware that the global catalog syncher needs to run for the member info to be updated - this can take up to 10 minutes after creating/importing a DL.

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Re: Problems importing Public Distribution Lists, 4.0-2 and Exch

OK, I configured a test system at my office using the same code as the customer. I created 2 users in the users OU, and two groups in the users OU. One group is a universal distribution group, the other a global security group.

I added user #1 as a subscriber to Unity. You can sucessfully search and retrieve this user in Unity.

I added User #1 and #2 to both distribution lists

I imported both lists into Unity Public DL. I waited 30 minutes. If I check members, no one shows up as a member in either list in Unity.

Thanks again for your time.

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