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Problems Transferring site to site

I have a scenario with a HQ site & 3 remote sites. Callmanager 4.13 is at the HQ site. Remote sites each have an IOS gateway (either 1760 or 2651xm running IOS 12.4(4)T) and IP Phones, 7940s and 7960s. Using Regions to set G.711 within the site, G.729 between sites.

So i get a call at my phone at site A through it's local gateway & talk to the customer. I then transfer the customer to a phone at site B (or C or HQ) to continue the conversation. Once they transfer the call, dead air. If you press the ? button on the IP phone 2x, you see that all RX packets are discarded (discards goes up at same rate as received). In my testing, I then transferred the caller BACK to the original site (different phone, original site) and the call starts working again.

It all seems to come around the change in Codecs on the gateway. if i do a "sh voice call summ" and watch the call, i can see it's a g.711 call when it comes in. when it's transferred, it becomes a g.729br8 call (and that's when it's dead) -- if it gets transferred back to the original site, it becomes a g.711 call again & it starts working again.

The gateways can ping everywhere & g.729 voice calls phone to phone work just fine. it's just the g.729 phone to gateway that's failing.

I have: voice class codec 1

codec pref 1 g711ulaw

codec pref 2 g729r8

in the config & that voice class command is used in the dial-peer for voip calls.

should i use a different codec statement in the voice class for 729 calls? why would it be using a g729br8 codec when i'm specifying g729r8 in the config?




Re: Problems Transferring site to site

hmm that br8 is annex-b - I found a tech note talking about codec negotiation, and they have this under the voice class:

Router#conf term

Router(config)#voice class codec 99

Router(config-class)#codec preference 1 g711ulaw

Router(config-class)#codec preference 2 g729br8

Router(config-class)#codec preference 3 g729r8


Might be worth a try

Mary Beth

New Member

Re: Problems Transferring site to site

i gave it a shot over the weekend, no luck.

BUT -- by a happy coincidence, i had to back down the IOS at a couple sites because of MGCP/analog issues. I went down to 12.3(14)T6 -- latest 12.3 T release -- and it started working, at least when the call goes through those gateways. So i'm going to put all of the gateways on 12.3(14)T6 for now & see if anything else pops up...


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