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Problems with Echo and low VM output with NM-HDA mod

We just expanded our VoIP network to include two new remote sites hanging off our existing CCM 3.3.2 SPB cluster. Both sites have NM-HDA-4FXs with EM-HDA-4FXO expansion modules installed. In one office the module is loaded in a 3725 running 12.2(13)T and the other office has a 2611 with 12.2(11)T. Both gateways are configured as MGCP and the office with the 3725 is configured using the auto config "ccm-manager config", I tried this using the "ccm-manager config" on the 2611 but every time I put the command in the router would hang and reload.

In both offices I am experiencing problems with echo. We are also having problems with voice messages being to low when leaving a voice mail. Our Unity box is loaded with 3.1.4. The problem seems to go hand and hand. I found documentation that stated low volumes on voice mail could be because of echo-cancel being enabled, I disabled echo-cancel and the volume is better in the office with the 3725 (no change in office with 2611) but I have echo problems throughout the call. With echo-cancel enabled I tried several combinations of output attenuation and input gains with no luck.

We have two other offices with 6608 blades and NM-HDV modules installed in 3640's and we have neither of these problems at those locations.

Cisco Employee

Re: Problems with Echo and low VM output with NM-HDA mod

New echo cancelling software is in the works for the HDA card. I am unsure whether it will be in 12.3 or not. You will see it listed as echo cancellation enhancements for the HDA in the release notes for the version where it is included. On Unity, do you have AGC enabled? If so, have you tried turning it off?

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