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Problems with JTAPI against CallManager 3.0(8)


Our organisation is just starting down the path of application development for our Cisco IP telephony installation, and wish to use JTAPI via the plugin that comes with CM3.0(8). I have the sample program (and associated classes), and while it compiles correctly, it does not establish a call between the two endpoints I specify. when it gets to the call.connect() instruction, an InvalidStateException is generated. The things I have checked are:

1. the endpoints I want to control are associated to the username I am logging in as.

2. I successfully get a Provider, and wait until it's observer receives notification that it is in service.

3. I get an array of addresses this provider can control, and get a Terminal and Address object for the originator.

4. I add observers to both.

5. I get a Call object from the provider.

but the call.connect(...) method returns an InvalidStateException. This appears to be related to the Address object, which is in an OutOfService state (as is the Terminal object). how do you put these objects in service? the phones are working happily.

any help appreciated ...

Callum Katene


Re: Problems with JTAPI against CallManager 3.0(8)

Take a look at this document it should help you:

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Re: Problems with JTAPI against CallManager 3.0(8)

thanks frank. as it turns out, there's nothing wrong with my code! if the originator is a soft phone, it all works! but I really need to control the 7960s, and it just doesn't work with them.

surely someone else has tried the makecall example? is it not supposed to work with the physical handsets?


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