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Hi all...I have Productivity services from Cisco loaded up with Personal asst and Unity 3.1.3...everything works fine except forwading voicemail through Mailview...There is a release note that says this problem occurs only with Unity 3.0 with exchange 2000 and that to successfully forward and reply to a voice mail requires a fix in the Unity 3.0 Voice gateway...I upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1 hoping to fix this put it did not...any news on this? the bug id is cscdv53486... thanks<br><br>Amy Jones<br>Senior Systems Analyst<br>AAC Associates<br>703-918-6394


Re: Productivity services

interesting... the bug indicates it's waiting for the voice gateway to be released for Ex2K... it has been for some time. I'll have to make some inquiries to see what it is they are doing when forwarding messaging using this mechansim. I suspect they are relying on the proxy addresses the Ex55 voice gateway created which will no longer be necessary in Ex2K (the IVC can look users up by ID/location assignment directly in AD now).

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Re: Productivity services

Well, anything you can find out please let me know...thanks

Amy Jones
Senior Systems Analyst
AAC Associates

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Re: Productivity services

Hi Amy,

This bug is resoved. Voicemail forward and reply works with E2K and Unity3.1.

Here is a check list.

1. Install E2K SP2.

2. Install voicegateway on E2K. Voicegateway comes with Unity CD.

3. You must also set e-mail IDs for each Cisco Unity user to match the Microsoft Exchange server e-mail IDs. You must add an e-mail alias for each mail recipient of the form userid@domain name of type "voice."

This has to be added for user's E-mail Addresses field in Active Directory.

I am from PPS development team. We can handle the case off-line.


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