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Program a Tone for New Paging System

We've recently installed a new paging system with zones. Our front desk dials (ok clicks on the "extension" in the Call Attendant) the paging system then manually enters a number 0-3 for the respective zone. Any idea how I can make that more efficient?

We're on CCM 4.1.


Re: Program a Tone for New Paging System

Cisco CallManager does not have a dedicated intercom feature. However, you can use the Auto Answer feature in Cisco CallManager. Activating this option or button causes the speaker phone to go off hook automatically when an incoming call is received.

To configure Auto Answer, perform these steps:

On the Cisco CallManager Admin page, go to Device > Phones > Select the Extension. Select Enable the Auto Answer feature.

Choose one of these options to activate the Auto Answer feature for the directory number:

Auto Answer Off

Auto Answer with headset

Auto Answer with speakerphone (intercom)

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Re: Program a Tone for New Paging System

Thank you, but doesn't really apply. Perhaps I should clarify. This a paging system that covers 3 floors of a 46 story building.

The paging system itself is set up for four zones, however we only have one port out to it. Once they connect to the paging system our Front Desk has to press a zone number either 0, 1, 2, 3 to tell the paging system which zone to page.

What I need is some way to automate it so they would have what appears to be an extension on the Call Attendant the click and talk no having to push buttons.


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