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Programmatically adjusting DND-status

Hi all,

I'm currently busy writing an application that manages my IP-phone.

I wonder if it is possible to programmatically adjust the DND-status of my phone?

I'm also curious to find out if it is possible to adjust the DND-status of other phones in our compagny programmatically?

(We would like the have the possibility to put all phones in DND at night, by hitting only one button on one place).

THX in advance!

PS: Some extra information:

- I'm using a Cisco IP Phone 7940 Series

- We're using a CCME-system


Re: Programmatically adjusting DND-status

You can get the CME programming documentation here:

Seeing as it's not even in the CCM database, and Cisco's JTAPI implementation not handling DND either, I would be rather surprised if it was somehow possible in CME.

New Member

Re: Programmatically adjusting DND-status

Thank you for the link! :-)

And also thanks for the information...

We'll have to find another solution for the DND-problem then, I guess :-)

New Member

Re: Programmatically adjusting DND-status

I've been browsing through the XML guide.

I found this function: ISexecCLI.

It executes a list of CLI commands.

Is it possible to change the DND-status of a phone through CLI?

If so, I could use this function to do it programmatically, I guess?

Re: Programmatically adjusting DND-status

Well, connect to CME, and start playing around with the cli or read a cli doc to see what can be done. This may actually not be the right group to ask CME admin/maintenance questions.

New Member

Re: Programmatically adjusting DND-status

Sorry for posting my question in the wrong forum... don't know where else to put it, though.

BTW... it is actually possible to change the DND-status programmatically.

You just have to use the CiscoIPPhoneExecute XML-object to virtually push the softkey that has the DND-function.

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