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Programming SoftKey functions as Speed-Dials??

In our office we have a "night bells" feature that allows for an overhead ringing when the receptionist is not at the desk. When the extension rings, I want anyone in the office to be able to pick it up with as few keystrokes as possibe.

We initially tried putting everyone (plus the extension that is the overhead ringer) in the same Call Pickup group. The problem with that is that, if a person's phone and the overhead bell are both ringing, you might pick up the person's phone instead of the overhead.

Then we tried putting a line appearance of the extension on each person's phone. The problem with that is that when I answer that call, I am talking on that extension, rather than picking up that extension on my line. So then the overhead bells line is busy until I end the call. That won't work either.

So, as of right now, we are faced with teaching all of our users to pick up their phones, press GPickUp and then dial an extension number. That is a lot of steps that we would like to avoid.

Does anyone know if it is possible to program something like a speed dial key that can automate this function?


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Re: Programming SoftKey functions as Speed-Dials??

Guess, you can use buttons 3 through 6 in Cisco 7960 for speed dials. May be the follwoing document will be helpful for this:

Configuring Phone Button Templates

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