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Pros and Cons of IP Communicator (Softphones)

I'm curious to hear what kinds of praises and complaints staff relay in regards to using a softphone on their desktop computers (instead of an actual telephone beside the computer). I can see where it could be cumbersome to switch screens between the phone and the other programs being worked in, especially if the phone rings a lot. If anyone has any comments on this I'd like to hear them.

If these phones are minimized - do they pop up each time a call rings to them?

Thanks, Nat

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Re: Pros and Cons of IP Communicator (Softphones)

Nat -

I've just started playing with IP Communicator, we plan on deploying in a limited fashion over the next couple of months. There are a couple of options that the user can configure based on their own personal preference. The default config has a little window that shows up at the bottom of your screen with the number that is calling. You can click on this and it answers your phone. An additional preference is to check the Bring to Front on Incoming Call box. This will happen along with the little box at the bottom.

I have used it both in office (on LAN) and at home (over VPN) with success. Some folks have complained about hearing echo when I've been on the LAN, but I'm attempting to adjust the USB headset tuning options to improve this.

I can see this working best for home office / road warrior environment - not sure if my conservative chemical company execs would ever give up the actual set, but you never know..

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Re: Pros and Cons of IP Communicator (Softphones)

CIPC Positives: Can search directories by typing in name instead of multiple peck at touch tone pad. Looks and operates like the 7970. It's colorful. It can be made to hide and pop to top when a call is presented. Can be configured to use both headset and speakers. e.g. ring the speakers, but send audio through headset. Has a "small skin" option that takes little screen space. Can use it with the WEB Attendant and also with Cisco Agent Desktop.

Negatives: Current version 2 software doesn't build upgrade folders and files on the TFTP server. If you manually upgrade the phone, you'll have to delete the phone load entry in the device manager portion of the CM otherwise you'll get a pop-up complaining about trying to upgrade from 2.x to 1.1.5. One way audio at times. Shutting down and then restarting the app corrects the issue SOMETIMES.

I still have the 7940 on my desk because my headset doesn't work with my desk PC.

Now if there could be a small app that could run on the CPU which would allow you to control the desk phone... I can use WEB Dialer, or call contacts to place calls, but there isn't any easy way to take calls...


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