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PSTN Gateway interoperation with IN

(Thank you for the quick response to my question about CoS in Ethernet!)

What should/can be used as a stimulus towards the PSTN to make the IN (Intelligent PSTN Network) change its routing? Let me clarify: If our DE-30+ gateway were to lose the IP connection to CM, how can this be signalled to the PSTN so that the IN can re-route our numbers to another gateway?


Re: PSTN Gateway interoperation with IN

If a bank of DE-30+ is connected as a trunk group to the PSTN and one DE-30+ fails, the PSTN will auto-detect the failed D-channel. The PSTN will subsequently re-route all inbound calls to other member gateways in the trunk group.

If a single DE-30+ is connected in a single location to the PSTN, and the DE-30+ fails, there is no alternate routing capability that the PSTN can take advantage of that is native to CM. However, the ICM product, with its ICM interface can provide this functionality by placing the ICM in the PSTN and purchasing an SS7 re-direct service from the service provider.

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