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PSTN person says I sound like a can

" I received an incoming call today from 919-434-3451. The complaint was that I sounded as if I was talking through a can. I can hear the caller fine."

Suggestions on troubleshooting?

7940 no headset

CallManager 4.1(3)SR3

3845 ISR Router on same Layer2 network as phone with H323 PRI


Re: PSTN person says I sound like a can

I called 919-434-3451 (Debbie answered) and told her I was working on the “can problem”, she said I sound like I am in the same “can” right now! I got a good laugh as I was calling her from my BellSouth land line at home. I don't think the problem is with CallManager, but the other persons phone....

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Re: PSTN person says I sound like a can

Hi Jason,

Great post! I have had similar trouble reports in the past ( sounds like - can,cave,tunnel,barrel,Robot

etc etc..) It is always good to remember that the problem isn't always on our end. We tend to rush off and start troubleshooting when we really should stand back for a moment and think things through. Thanks for reminding us!! And thanks for the humour as well:)

Take care.


PS.. an old mentor of mine once told me;

"Start with the simple and work towards the complex"


Re: PSTN person says I sound like a can

Yes, a good reminder!

Mary Beth

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