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Public Distribution Lists

I can't find the first item I posted. I asked about sending messages to a PBL. You had 2 suggestions, but I am still lacking the final step - I think!?!<br><br>I have set up my PDL as 7701 Extended List and the owner is 7701. I have also recorded a name for my list. When I dial in to the box 7701 and choose 2 to send a message, I am only offered the options of sending a message to 1 of 2 Private Lists, not my Public Distribution list.<br><br>I have also set up a call handler to the PDL (separate to the above suggestion) as suggested by you as a second option. The call handler is called 7701 Extended List. The owner is 7701. There is nothing in the Extension (optional) box. How do I call in and leave a message for the call handler?<br><br>Thanks for your help. I'm on the right track, but not quite there yet.<br><br>Bec L<br><br>


Re: Public Distribution Lists

First, you probably want to take a little time and read Chapter 10 of the system Administration guide (call management). This covers all the ins and outs of call handlers, leaving messages etc... it does a better job of covering the details than I can out here. You'll find the admin guide in PDF format on CD #1 under the \Documentation directory.

You can address to public distribution lists just like you can subscribers. If it has an extension assigned to it and you're addressing by extension (which is not the default... you can switch it at the SA or toggle back and forth using the ## option) you can just enter the ID and you should get confirmation. If there's no extension assigned you can spell the name of the distribution list and it should show up in the list of matches presented to you. There's nothing special you need to do here, it just works.

For the call handler, go to the messages page and set the message recipient to be the distribution list you created. This means any messages taken for that call handler will be delivered to that distribution list. You record greetings for call hanlders and configure it to take messages on the greetings page of the SA for the call handler... again, chapter 10 of the admin guide will be helpful here.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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