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Public Folders

Our goal is to have voice messages sent to a public folder for group access. We accomplished this by making the message recipient a distribution list. We then made a public folder the only member of that list. This worked great for the first attempt, but each subsequent effort to have another call handler send its message to a public folder results in the message being sent to the undeliverable messages group. I’ve compared the settings for the public folders and distribution lists and can’t find a significant difference. One public folder receives the message just fine and the other doesn’t. I've got to be missing something, but I can't think what it could be.<br><br>We are running Win2000 SP1 with Unity 2.4.6(135) tsp and CM 3.0(11). We have modified the registry so Unity sees all distribution lists (including pre-existing) as well as hidden mailboxes and public folders.<br><br>Has anybody had a similar issue and been able to resolve the problem? <br><br>


Re: Public Folders

If you just send an email to one of the PDLs giving you fits using Outlook, what happens to it? Does it get through to the public folder as expected or does it, too, bounce back at you?

Unity isn't doing anything special sending messages to the recipient. We address it to the alias and hand it to the MTA (i.e. we aren't getting cute and trying to deliver it to the message store directly ourselves). I would expect if it's bouncing back to the undeliverable messages DL it comes back as an NDR right? Does the message in the NDR have any clues as to why the MTA couldn't deliver the message?

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Re: Public Folders

Problem solved. There was a permission problem on the public folder that caused the message to be returned.

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