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Publisher Freeze!!!! Help!!!

Hi all,

Running 4.13sr1 with win-OS-Upgrade-K9.2000-2-7sr6.exe. Recently, some users complaint about "cannot answer", "cannot transfer", "phone freeze". I found their phone was unregisterd. So I decide to go ahead to do latest patch.

Tried to upgrade to win-OS-Upgrade-K9.2000-2-7sr8.exe and 4.13sr2, latest device package and security agent, etc.

Basically, I just do my maintance work.

However, when I double click the win-OS-Upgrade-K9.2000-2-7sr8.exe, the command prompt pops up and stopping all related cisco callmanager services. It freeze at "Stopping cisco callmanager", I cannot move mouse, the screen just freeze. Eventully, it will reboot itself after 10 mins.

Then I tried use "Kill" command at Utils, "kill ccm.exe", same thing happened.

Tried stop the ccm at windows servics. same thing happened.

Tried stop ccm at ccm web page (Cisco CallManager 4.1 Serviceability), same thing happened.

Finally, I set to Manual for Cisco CallManager at windows servics. Then reboot the publisher, it freeze again, coz the system tried to stop ccm. But at least I can proceed to install sr8 without any problems.

After finish sr8, I have to change back to automatic for cisco callmanager, then reboot again without a problem. But, if I reboot again, it will freeze again.

Sorry about the long stroy. Is anyone have idea??

Thanks millions.


Re: Publisher Freeze!!!! Help!!!

OK Guys,

Problem might cause by installing new Antivirus.

We used symantec b4, then switch TrendMirco. The cisco only support ServerPortect 5.x verison, but TrendMiicro end sale of this product. TrendMicro replace ServerPortect by new product line "OfficeScan".

And officescan cause a lot of problem like phone freeze, cant transfer, etc.

It might cause reboot problem too.

My question for Cisco.... please test latest antivirus for us. Symantec 10.0 coporate edition came out long time ago, but CCM still support up to verison 9.0


Re: Publisher Freeze!!!! Help!!!

Office scan is not supported! We are using ServerProtect for our clients, but you always need to stop services when patching!

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