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Publisher to Subscriber fallback time

Hi all,

I have a CallManager cluster with a Publiher and a subscriber.

The problem is, it takes about 3 minutes until the Phones have registered

on the Subscriber if the link to the Publisher goes down.

When I stop the CallManager Service on the Publisher manually

the Subscrieber adopts the IP Phones very fast.

Any experiences ?


Community Member

Re: Publisher to Subscriber fallback time

That is a configured parameter. If I'm not wrong I think the default fallback time will be 10 phones/sec. So if you have 2500 phones the time would be aprox. 4 minutes. I don't understand very well your message but I think you are registering your phones with the CCM running the publisher. That is not a good idea. It will be better to have the phones registered with the subscriber and if the subscriber fails then use the publisher for backup. That is for a network with 2500 or less.

Hope it helps.

-Jose M

Cisco Employee

Re: Publisher to Subscriber fallback time

This sounds normal. In the case where you manually stop the Cisco CallManager service on a primary CallManager, it will cause all the TCP sockets to the stations to be closed, and that in turn will cause the station to register on its TCP socket that has been established with the backup CallManager.

In the case where the primary CallManager becomes unreachable on the network, that means the station must determine this through the use of keepalives not being responded to. Since the server never closed the socket, it's up to the station to figure out that the server is no longer responding. Once that has been realized, then the station can register on its other socket to the backup CallManager.

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