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Pulling Extension Mobility information


To start this is my first attempt at writing any code to pull information from Callmanager through AXL SOAP. I do not have a programing background

I'm trying to write an application that will allow me to know if a user is logged into a particular phone through EM. I would like this to be based off of certain criteria. First of all I want the application to search the description field of all phones if the description begins with a certain letter sequence I want to report on this phone by grabbing the MAC address, the entire description field, who is logged into phone through EM and what DN is on the phone. I would then like to report this information by putting a web front end on it and have it available at all times. I also have a need for this to be as realtime as possible.

My question is first of all is this even possible. Secondly how can I get started. I have read most of the AXL guides but have to admit that I'm still kind of lost. Would anybody be willing to share an example to get me started? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks



Re: Pulling Extension Mobility information

Yes it is possible.

As for how to get started.. you need to pick a programming language first, and depending on that, you may find some examples. .NET languages and Java would be most convenient because of their inheritent support for webservices.

Re: Pulling Extension Mobility information


As someone just getting started which language would be the easiest to write something like this. Also where would I even begin to look for an example. Thanks for the responce.


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