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Push2phone app and WIFI 7920

I have succesfully sent messages to 7940 and 7960 phones, but when I try to send to a 7920 nothing happens. The app sends the XML data with out error, but the phone doesn't seem to accept. I know the 7920's are new and that services are not yet available on them, but they seem to have some ability to read XML data. Is there something I can do different, or must I wait for new firmware?


Re: Push2phone app and WIFI 7920

According to the documentation, the 7920 does support the CiscoIPPhoneExecute item. Without actually having tried it (our network people are very consciencous about wireless networks so I'd get in major trouble adding a rogue AP to use the 7920 to my CM), I'd trace the http traffic between 7920, your IP Services server and the CM to see if everything is in order there. It might just be that you're getting a CiscoIPPhoneError (those usually go without the phone telling you anything about it).. the push2phone example by Cisco are not very good w.r.t that, you'll get a "message sent" message before the push has even been initiated.

Cisco Employee

Re: Push2phone app and WIFI 7920

The 7920 does not yet support XML Services. There is a plan to support this in an upcoming release, but it is not there today.

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