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Pushing images loads blank screen

I am having trouble pushing images on Callmanager 3.3 (2). When I push an image to the phone I get a blank screen where the image should display, however image's prompt appears as expected. If I push the content a second time, the image appears as expected (same exact code, same command). I am experiencing the same results using the push content code supplied in the 3.3 SDK and using code that I worte to push content before the 3.3 SDK was available. I just did the 3.3 (2) upgrade the other day, and pushing the same content worked perfectly in 3.2. Is it possible that I have something configured incorrectly for 3.3, like perhaps the phone's firmware or some such thing? Is this something that 3.3 (3) solves?


Re: Pushing images loads blank screen

There is a bug in CallManager 3.3(2). See the threads below such as "3.3(2) and Idle Image" for more details.

The workaround is to add a refresh header to your page. Refreshing the page causes the content to load.

Alternatively, upgrade to 3.3(3), and that should resolve the issue as well.

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