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Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

I want to put ip phone service on the main screen.I don't want the phone users to click the service button to access the service. What i want is to have the services appearing on the screen one at a time. E.g show service number one for 3 sec and move to service number two for 3 sec and iterate through them. I just need the way of pushing the on the default screen. currently there a company logo on the main screen. We're using SIP not call manager.


Re: Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

Swapping out the idle URL comes to mind.. however, that url is only called when the phone is idle.. but I guess you could implement a rotating idle url by adding a refresh parameter to the idle url so that the phone will request the page again every X seconds.

However, you musn't forget about softkeys (your service is likely to use some, and if it's on the idle screen, you lose the default softkeys that are on the idle screen), line keys (I'm not 100% sure they're always put on top of the app but that can easily be verified), the fact that you cannot use the ?device=#DEVICENAME# trick to get the device name to your service, and that it's annoying to see a different thing on the phone every three seconds... the human eye is very sensitive to motion and even when working on your machine, if the phone is in your field of view, you'll notice that there are changes on the phone which I'd consider to be very distracting.

Humm... SIP not Call Manager = you're using Cisco IP Phones with Asterisk or something like that? I'd have to verify if you can do services at all in SIP mode (I suppose so) and I guess the idle URL still remains an option, but the entire softkey and line history would probably get really complicated.

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Re: Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

Hey. Thanks 4 the reply but there's one thing i don't get.. How do i swap the idle url. I am also trying to use xmlHttpRequest to refresh the page.

Please explain some more how to do the idle URL. I am not sure if i'll need softkeys. The user will subscribe to certain services and the service will appear on the phone at random. no user interaction.

please email me at

New Member

Re: Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

You configure the Idle URL on the Callmanager web page.

You search the phone and you will find parameter called idle Url

Then reset the phone.

The page behind the URL will be shown after the inactivity of the phone.

The softkey are used to make the choice on the page you push (for exemple if you present a page with "configure your speed dials" the user has to click somewhere to do this so on a softkey button)

Another possibility is to configure a ServiceUrlButton on the right of the IPP (phoneButtonTemplate) and each ServiceUrlButton redirect to a specific services.

With a 7940/41 You have max 1 ServiceURLBUTTON

With a 7960/61 You have max 5 ServiceURLBUTTON

With a 7970/71 You have max 7 ServiceURLBUTTON

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I hope it will help you


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Re: Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

Thanks. I'm now having an idead as to what to do. I'm on SIp/trixbox, so i guess the steps are same.

My applications display Five top sales person within the conrporation, it doesn't need user interation. So i don't see the need for softkeys. My application needs to reload the information displayed. I'm thinking of using

I'm new to Ip Phone application development, so I'll ask some stupid question sometimes.

I'm scripting with PHP.

Cheers Danny Leshaba( Pretoria, South Africa)

New Member

Re: Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

IPP accept only basic commands.

So you have to create a page that random alone and the header is the good thing.

Another method is to create a prg that puh XMLText to an IPP at a time. You don't need URLIDLE parameters.

And it will work on Trixbox.

You have to send to the @IP of the IPP a page like that with cr?dential on the header :




New Member

Re: Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

Hey Remy.

You still haven't told me if IP Phone undestand javascript.

Cheers Danny

New Member

Re: Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

I'm not sure but i don't think so.

It is a very basic browser on IPP

Best regards

New Member

Re: Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

This sounds like a simple custom application that we can write within days. Are you open to a few days of custom application development work done off-site?

New Member

Re: Pushing Ip Service onto the main Screen.

Yes. I'm. I have the apptions running perfectly. we just need to put them on the IDLE URL, which is something thats been haunting me. feel free to post any suggesting. i am not in a rush..

Thanks Danny