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PVDM2 questions???

Hi all,

I try to figure, but couldnt. Hopefully, someone can tell me that.

For example.

2811 with MFT-T1 PRI (1 ports) and 4 VIC2-4FXO connect to Tele. And there are 2 PVDM2-64 install.

I know I have resource for Transcode and Conference. But my question is that, how 2811 to decide how much resource reserve for Voice call, how much resource I can configure as Transcode and Conference.

For configure example:

voice-card 1

dsp services dspfarm


dspfarm profile 1 transcode

maximum sessions?

associate application SCCP


dspfarm profile 2 conference

maximum session ?

assoicate application SCCP.

If you do ? after maximum session, the router will give a maximum session you can type in.

How router decide maximum session? Does router calaulate how much resource for Voice Call (T1 PRI and 4 FXO) automatically?? and leave the rest for transcode and conference??




Re: PVDM2 questions???

Hi Ken,

When reserving dsp resource for transcoding and conference, dsp level load balance among Network Modules is used.

Transcoding and normal voice termination can share the same DSP. Conference needs to use its own dsp firmware, hence it can not share the same dsp with transcoding or normal voice termination.

Inside one Network Module, the order of searching available DSP for transcoding is from dsp1 to dsp16, which is the same way as normal voice. For conference, the search order is from dsp16 to dsp1 to avoid any unnecessary search

Max sessions for a profile depends on available DSP resources

Check out this link and look for DSP calculator.




Re: PVDM2 questions???

Thanks for respond, I have one more question:

I know transcoding can be share voice termination.

So for example I have two PVDM2-64

for conference:

maximum sessions 8

After that, for transcode:

maximum sessions 21

I max out every resources under conference and transcode....

My question is that.... am I configure all resources of two PVDM2-64?? if yes... then transcode and voice termination are sharing, right??

Thanks a lot!!



Re: PVDM2 questions???

With dspfarm profile configuration for Transcoding and Conferencing all the codecs are configured automatically, one has to remove the unwanted codecs e.g g729 in order to use g711a/u for full capacity of the dsp.

Check out this link

With the result of the 8 sessions that is using the full PVDM2-64 and we have the other for VT and XCODING.

SO for a PRI + 1 4FXO = (24+4) 28 channels and the rest for XCODING depending on the codecs.




Re: PVDM2 questions???


So PVDM2 does reserve for VT for PRI and 4 FXO.

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