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Q.SIG and MWI?

Are there any planned enhancements to the CCM Q.SIG implementation to support MWI to Siemens PBXen? The docs say that Siemens requires CLI, but CCM doesn't send it. I'd sure like to use Cisco Unity as the one true UM solution, but can't do this in a mixed environment with Siemens.

Any other solutions (like Q.SIG proxy or conversion products) welcomed.


Re: Q.SIG and MWI?


CCM 4.1 for sure supports MWI with QSIG. There were some problems though (I have seen something similar mentioned in the ChangeLogs).

Do you mean that the CCM is not sending CLI(Calling Line Identification)? That is really odd.

New Member

Re: Q.SIG and MWI?

Hi Teodor,

According to this note:

CCM 4.1 does NOT send CLI, making it impossible to issue MWI to a PBX which requires it.

As a result, if this truly is still the case, then I'm unable to migrate customers easily from their TDM infrastructure to an AVVID infrastructure. Being that CCM is interpreting the Q.SIG links, one would think this fairly easy to copy the correct info from CLIP field to the CLI field for this very purpose, but my questions are:

a) has anyone validated this CCM behavior in the field?

b) if the CCM behavior is as advertized above, does anyone have a workaround that keeps the PBXen happy?

Many PBX migrations start with voicemail-only at first -- not interoperating in this manner seriously cripples sales efforts. :-(

Cisco Employee

Re: Q.SIG and MWI?

Sorry, I don't have any advice for getting the QSIG MWI SS to work. However, for b)...

Do you know if it is possible to toggle the Siemens MWI by dialing digits on a CCM IP phone? e.g. a trunk access code on the CCM followed by a feature access code on the Siemens. If so, then it may be possible to implement a workaround by having Unity dial this same digit sequence for Subscribers with Siemens phones.

Of course the other option for a workaround would be to configure Unity with dual integration and give it a direct interface to the PBX. Depending on what flavor of Siemens you're working with either PIMG or analog voice boards might work.


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