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QOS configuration for Cat4006 and AVVID


I'm trying to nail down my QOS configuration on a small Call Manager installation. The customer has a 4006 at the core of the network doing vlan routing to a number of 3524pwr's in remote closets. I'm having a hard time finding any recomended settings on the TAC, specifically for the L3 blade. My understanding is that qos switching is enabled by default. Are there recomondations for changing the default mappings in an ip/voice environment?


Kris Seraphine

Golden Concepts

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Re: QOS configuration for Cat4006 and AVVID

QoS is not enabled by default, you can check the following url

is a good guide with examples.

Best Regards!

Jose Armas

Intersys México S.A. de C.V.

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Re: QOS configuration for Cat4006 and AVVID

QOS is not enabled by default.

The 4006 has two layer 2 queues by default and by default all broadcast traffic is in one queue and all other traffic in another. In an IP telephony environment the IP phones use a COS of 5. I believe that the call setup (skinny) uses a COS value of 3. The design guide suggests splitting these up into the two queues in the 4006.

set qos enable

set qos map 2q1t 2 1 cos 4-7

set qos map 2q1t 1 1 cos 0-3

This will seperate your layer two queues for IP Telephony.

On the layer 3 side you will have to map the COS values to DSCP values and then DSCP values to ACL lists.

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Re: QOS configuration for Cat4006 and AVVID

Thanks for the responses.

Can someone point me in the direction of some documentation on the CoS to DSCP mappings on the 4006? I haven't been able to find anything very helpful on the TAC.


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