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QoS for MeetingPlace

I am planning QoS for MeetingPlace Audio server on the LAN. Here is the suggestion from SRND of MeetingPlace 5.3

"The IP Precedence setting overwrites the DSCP value. Therefore, if you want to use the DSCP setting, you must manually configure the IP Precedence and ToS settings as unused."

I don't quite understand how to manually set IP precedence and ToS as "UNUSED". Does anyone have better understanding?

Basically I have a 8106 connected to WS-6348-RJ-45 module 6509 switch. The packet classcification only can be done as VLAN based. So here is what I am trying to do:

1. Create QoS ACL

For signaling:

set qos acl avvid dscp cs3 ip any

For media

set qos acl avvid dscp ef ip any

2. Map QoS ACL to VLAN

3. Apply QoS ACL to switch ports



Re: QoS for MeetingPlace

I do not have Meeting Place, but have been evaluating it, and read the same passage in the SRND. I interpreted it to mean that there is a config setting of unused for IP precedence and TOS. If memory serves, there was also an example that showed IP precedence set for 0, and DSCP set for normal values, which would override the DSCP with IP precedence of 0.

Bottom line, I believe it is possible to set Meeting Place to use IP precedence or DSCP. I would set Meeting Place to use DSCP with this QOS ACL.

set qos acl ip avvid trust-dscp ip any any

Your ACL would match everything on the 1st line, and mark all packets with cs3.

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