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QOS for Switches - CallManager

CallManager 4.0 installed and i want to collect QOS statistics, we have Cisco 500 switches and 2950 switches which run QOS, however, when i check callManager there are no Statistics collected,

please assist,


Re: QOS for Switches - CallManager

The QoS for CallMan doesn't collect QoS data from switches.

It collects data about the calls it's putting through; jitter, packet errors, latency, stuff like that.

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Re: QOS for Switches - CallManager

Thank you for clarification, the CallMan produces information for the QOS however, it always produces "NA" for all Calls. There is no calls rated as fair, poor, good etc....

Do you know how i can get this Call classification for QOS working...?

Re: QOS for Switches - CallManager

If your Gateway is H.323 all the calls that use that GW will be cataloge as NA since H.323

do not has the ability for QOS reports.

1. if the endpoint device does not support CMR data (packet loss, jitter, etc.) This

includes all h323 devices, some mgcp, and some sccp devices

2. if the call potentially matches multiple rules it may result in N/A:

If that is not our case make sure to enable the CMR records in the CCM Service Parameters, those records are the ones used for the QoS reports.



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Re: QOS for Switches - CallManager

Yes, we have a H323 Gateway, and all calls use that Gateway.

CMR records are enabled.

This means no QOS reports. IS there any other possible solution?

Re: QOS for Switches - CallManager

Unfortunately you won't be able to get QoS reports, there is no workaround on this one, H.323 just don't support CMR data.

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