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QOS for Video Conferencing using Picturetel

Could someone please tell me what is the most adequate QOS feature to use for Video Conferencing on point to point 1.5 mb serial links. I have been reading about policy-based routing. Would that be the way ?. If some could direct me to the right url with an example would be great.

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Re: QOS for Video Conferencing using Picturetel

If you are using Cisco Router you could use basically the followings mechanisms:

- (Congestion Management) Low Latency Queueing (LLQ) and CBWFQ

- (Classification) CAR or Service Policy

The recommendation is use a queue with strict priority, as LLQ, to videoconferencing.

The challenge is the identification of videoconference packet because of dynamic negotiation of port. So you have the followings alternatives to identify the videoconference:

- Cisco MCM/Proxy H.323;

- Identify by the IP address of terminal (disadvantage);

- Use the marking provided by some terminal (disadvantage);

- use a range of port provided by some terminal;

More Information about QoS go to:

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Re: QOS for Video Conferencing using Picturetel

If your network supports RSVP, the PictureTel iPower version 3.0 supports RSVP and that is the best.

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