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QSIG to NEC 2400 PBX - Any issues?

We have a customer looking at running QSIG between an NEC 2400 PBX and a 2600/w HDV-T! module. There is a call manager on the IP side. Requirement is simply to route calls from the CCM to PBX and vice-versa. All PSTN access is via PBX.. I can see no reason why QSIG could not be used between the 2600 and the PBX, but the customerm syas that another vendor and "Cisco' told them that QSIG would not be supported in that environment. Is anyone aware of any issues that woud prevent this from working? Thanks


Re: QSIG to NEC 2400 PBX - Any issues?

Im not sure why "Cisco" told them this scenario would not be supported. He can run QSIG with the 2600 with an NM-HDV. Now the only problem here is QSIG uses facility messages to transfer propietary information form the PBX to the Call Manager. The Call Manager cannot decode facility messages at this time and therefore that would not work. With regards to basic call routing that should work without any problems.

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Re: QSIG to NEC 2400 PBX - Any issues?

Just out of curiosity - last year we implemented an NEC NEAX2400 / CallManager integration using 5ess/NI2 over PRI a 3662 HDV module. It took a while back then but we got it working. The whole time we were struggling getting the 5ess/NI2 emulation up - the NEC rep kept commenting that he wished we could support QSIG.

Not being a protocol or NEC expert :-) Is QSIG anthoer protocol that would replace 5eSS/NI2 if we used it here? Since we currently have 5ESS up and running - would we see any noticeable benefit from this - I presume the proprietary information that's not supported probably contains calling name. etc. We currently have calling number working of course.

Just trying to see if there's any reason we'd want to move to QSIG or exactly what it could do for us in the future (ie will future Cisco support include things we might covet like calling name, etc.) Just figured it might be a "tighter" integration than the generic 5ESS/NI2...

Any enlightenment welcome :-)

- Ken

Ken Johnson

Mgr. Network Services

LeTourneau University


Cisco IP Telephony Users Group

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Re: QSIG to NEC 2400 PBX - Any issues?

I wouldn't see any reason to convert now that your setup is workiing. QSIG was introduced primarily to provide interoperability between different ISDN vendors. It does seem to be implemented pretty consistently across vendors, so generally your life will be easier if you use QSIG in cases where more than one vendor is involved. I'm not positive but I believe calling name is not supported - just ANI.

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Re: QSIG to NEC 2400 PBX - Any issues?

Thanks, that's what I thought. I think we are dealing with some sales-based technology here.

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