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I am having some issues with call manager setup.

1. I am not able to see incoming call number on IP Phone. I am using 2600 router with FXO ports configured as H.323 gateway. The caller-id is enabled by telco as I can see the number when I connect to a normal phone. I saw in some posts saying you dont have to do anything its automatically enabled or you have to enable caller-id with command "caller-id enable" or it will not work with normal FXO ports you need FXO port VIC-FXO-M1 etc. Can anyone tell me whats the right solution?

2. We have 4 FXO ports with four numbers. We want each number to be binded with each IP Phone for outgoing calls. For eg. IP Phone with number 700 should use first FXO port, second one with 701 should use second port and so on. This is necessary as recieiving person will not hvae any problem in identifying who is calling. Any solution?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Re: Queries...

1) I understand from this document that caller id is disabled by default and you must issue "caller-id enable" command to enable it. A more specific document for 2600 can be found at

2) I guess this should be easy to achieve if you use a combination of called number translation on the call manager, basically prefix some digits here and configure those prefixs on each port on the g/w such that a given IP Phone always takes that port to go out onto the PSTN.


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