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Query the number of a remote party from a IP service during an Active call

I would want to develop a service for the 7940 IP Phone which when the user press a soft key it sends a HTTP request to a Web server with the calling number or the called number of an active call as a parameter, the problem is that I can't find information about this, and I'm not sure if the phone is able to send this data or not.

I Know I can use a full CTI application because TAPI and JTAPI both connect to the CallManager via CTI ports to either client or server based CTI applications. but for this as I understand, I need to implement a full Application server for talking to the Callmanager.

For example, I developed a service where I'm able to send a request to a web server with the data introduced by the user in the phone keypad, with this alphanumeric data I make a query to a database which returns to the display of the phone some information.

I would like to develop a similar service where the user only press a softbutton wen it has an active call and I could send a HTTP request to a server with the data of the calling or called number.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Query the number of a remote party from a IP service during

I think Cisco has some Developer program for such things. You may be interested to know.

Check out

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