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Question about busy greeting within a Call Handler

Within a Call Handler you can set different greetings such as standard, closed, busy, etc. I need help understanding busy and how it works. When should I set this option? I haven't been able to get it to work for me. Hopefully you can explain or point me to some documentation. Thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: Question about busy greeting within a Call Handler

I am working on a audio text document for Unity that'll go into depth on this type of thing, however it's not ready for prime time yet... the admin guide has a brief overview of the greetings hierarchy but that's about it.

short story is if you have the busy greeting active and it's schedule is active if a call forwards into that call handler or subscriber from an extension that's busy AND the switch tells us that it forwarded busy - the busy greeting will play. Otherwise it'll fall back on the off hours or standard greetings depending on the schedule.

The hierarchy looks like this:

Alternate - if it's active, it ALWAYS plays no matter what.

Internal - if it's active and the calling number corresponds to a local subscriber's extension, it plays.

Busy - if it's active and the forwarding reason is "busy" it plays.

Off Hours - if it's active (meaning the schedule is active here) it plays.

Standard - the standard greeting is always active no matter what and if no other greetings trigger, it gets played.

If you have your busy greeting configured and it's just not kicking in for you, try watching what's coming in from the switch using the Call Viewer application (found in the tools depot or the unity program group) - this will indicate if the switch is telling us the call is coming in busy or RNA or whatever...

New Member

Re: Question about busy greeting within a Call Handler

I understand how these options work when related to a subscriber. However when will a Call Handler ever be busy? This is not a physical device. So how can I make use of the busy greeting in that.

Cisco Employee

Re: Question about busy greeting within a Call Handler

A call handler can be assoicated with a physical device... it's perfectly OK to have, say, a conference room phone forward into Unity and have a call handler setup with that extension number... the lookup and forwarding logic is identical in this case. If a call comes in forwarded from 1234 and a call handler is configured as extension 1234 then the call is sent to that call handler and the same set of greeting rules apply in the same order here.

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