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Question about ExMerge


config: Unity 3.16, off-box E2K, off-box DC

I used the ExMerge tools (v6.0.6249.0) to migrate subscribers' mailboxes from E2K A to E2K B (different names and domains). After importing the pst file, I found that the no. of mail items for many accounts viewed in system manager(E2K B) are not the same as E2K A.

For example, After importing the mails by ExMerge, I have 3 voicemails only even I use outlook or IP phone to retrieve voicemails but the no. of mail items is 4 in system manager of E2K B. When I delete all 3 voicemails, the MWI goes off. The no. of mail items shows 1 items (1KB) in the mailbox. I can not see any mail even I directly browse that mailbox folder.

Is there something wrong with the E2K server?

Please advise how to solve this issue?

Thanks and Best Regards

Cisco Employee

Re: Question about ExMerge

There's not likely anything wrong with your server - Exchange tucks messages in a lot of little nook and crannies that are easy to miss. Ex Merge is by default only going to get messages in the inbox and leave everything else there - it could be something in the deleted items folder or the sent items folder or another system side (as opposed to local client side) folder or the like. the Exchange system manager will report any message (including, I believe, calendar events) as messages in its interface.

The calendar and journal stuff throws a _lot_ of folks off out in the news groups and this issue comes up a lot out there. If it's not that there are known issues where Exchange just mis calculates the number of messages/size in its interface (i.e. it doesn't recaclulate the number when a message is deleted is some cases). If you're _really_ stressed out about it and you're running SP4 you can stop IIS and run:


which will force Exchange to recacluate the numbers it displays there based on the actual content of the mailbox. But I wouldn't worry too much about it, this is a common issue.

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