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Question about Gatekeeper configuration with GW's


I have a Cisco gatekeeper with different zone prefix for different destination. For a single destination (for example code 32*) i have 3 outbound gateways configured in this way:

zone prefix PSTN_GW 32* gw-priority 10 GW1 GW2 GW3

So, with this configuration i have a relative balanced outbound traffic to the GW's. (33% on each GW)

Now i want to know if is possible to have poderators to the outbound traffic. For example i want to set that the GW1 receive about the 50% of the traffic, GW2 the 25% of the traffic and GW3 the other 25% of the traffic.

I was trying to solve the problem with the gw-priority command but this priority only work if one of this GW's is not registered, so the next GW with the highest priority is use, and this not solve my problem.

Hope that someone can help me with this issue.

Thanks in Advance


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Re: Question about Gatekeeper configuration with GW's

HI Ricardo,

There is no way to do wiegthed load balancing amognst gateway in teh H323 GK environment. But after carefull thinking i do see how we can use existing features to achive the same goal.

Use CAC in H323 gateway on the cisco gateways if they are 26,26, 37Xx platforms. For each gateway allow X ration of calls base on your 50:25:25 ration for CAC.

When gateway tries to load balance in roud robin fashion using the configured zone prefix PSTN_GW 32* gw-priority 10 GW1 GW2 GW3 . Of the treshold set for the 25% gateways are reached the calls is round robined till it get to the 50% gateway with more capacity.

This would not be an ideal configuration as the call setup time may be increase due to round robin to find a free gateway with resource to handle the call.

If i were you i would leave it at 33% each or use the priority 10 , 9 and * respectively

Hope it helps


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