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Question about restart and reset phones

I would like to have an exactly explanation of the diferrences between restart and reset Cisco ip phones.

What are all the consequences os reset and restart. For example, if I restart a phone it changes the ring tone that were configured for the user to the default ring tone but if I reset phone it doesn't happen.

Thanks, Carlos.


Re: Question about restart and reset phones


in general terms I understand "restart" as a process where you stop and start a process or a device (f.e. through a power cycle) which will be afterwards in the same configuration state as before.

The term "reset", as I understand it, denotes restart into a possibly different configuration "reset to factory defaults") by loading new configuration.

For Cisco Phones in my understanding there is not much difference, because the phone gets practically everything to do with configuration downloaded from scratch by either DHCP or TFTP. So the net effect in my opinion is that a restart will also trigger a configuration download and in this sense could be seen as being the same as a reset.

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

P.S.: Bare in mind that I am not a native English speaker and might just get this language terribly wrong ;-)

Cisco Employee

Re: Question about restart and reset phones

Q. What is the difference between a restart and reset of a phone?

A. A restart only reregisters the phone with Cisco CallManager, whereas a reset does a complete reinitialization of the phone. In the case of a reset, the phone fetches its configuration file again from the TFTP path, which does not happen if you restart the phone. Use of the sequence **#** also makes the phone fetch its configuration file from the TFTP path.

For Cisco 7960 and 7940 IP Phones with a firmware release of 7.1(2) or later, complete these steps:

Press either the Services button or the Settings button.

Use the keypad to enter **#**.

A. This new behavior allows you to begin a dialing sequence with * or # while the phone is on-hook at the home screen.

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