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Question for Cisco?

Now that everyone is going to AD and Exchange has been their for awhile, why does Unity not allow you to only pull from 1 exchange server? If you are running SQL and everything is just inside the table of what to send the smtp request to and what their exchange server is, then it would seem that with a little coding that when adding a new user you don't either get to choose an appropiate Exchange Server either by creating it totally from Unity or choosing an existing user from no matter what Exchange Site?

Cisco Employee

Re: Question for Cisco?

Where are you getting that Unity can only support one exchange server? That's never been the case, even back in the Unity 2.x days...

For exchange 5.5 a single Unity server can span servers in an Exchange site. This limitation is in place largely due to MAPI login issues across sites. In Exchange 2000/2003 a single Unity server can span servers/mailstores found in a routing group. You don't want to span routing groups because they're in place to accomodate low bandwidth situations.

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Re: Question for Cisco?

What I meant is that if you look at it heiarcy. Say you have like 10 different sites with 10 servers per site.

Can you send me a doc link on the break down of what you are talking about? I thought that during the installation it ask you for the exchange server that it will be pulling/putting its information to? I do not remember the install aksing to reference a site and then pull all its information from the GAL.

Thanks! man

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Re: Question for Cisco?

I found a doc on what you were talking about, it says that you can expand it to look at the whole orginizationl level. Is there any good docs on that?

Cisco Employee

Re: Question for Cisco?

The two docs that come to mind are the install guide and the design guides.

install guide:

design guide:

The Exchange server you connect to during installation is the "partner" server as we call it - it's just our gateway into the directory and messaging services - it does not limit you to users homed on that Exchange server for subscribers by any stretch. Any subscriber in the Exchange 5.5 site can be made a subscriber on that Unity server. Any user in the Exchange 200x routing group that server is in can be made a subscriber on that Unity box (provided you don't have any weird bandwidth issues there).

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