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question on upgrade 2.46 to 3.15

My unity is 2.46 with ex55 in-box installed. We are going to upgrade it to a 3.15 unity by setting up a new. New server is win2000 with ex55. I have 2 questions here:

1. I am reading the Cisco upgrade process documentation, one of the step is to import winnt accounts into ex55. Because I still have to restrore message store, my question here is which step is first, import WINNT accounts or restore message?

2. In worst case, if my setting up new server failed, how can I go back to unity 2.46.because I realized that during the upgrade, the licence key(activation code)will be changed to new version 3.15 which means I lost 2.46 license key(activation code)? Can I just reattach the license key back to unity 2.46 server and use upgrade license utility or actually more complex?

Thanks for your answer in advance.

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Re: question on upgrade 2.46 to 3.15

It seems nobody answering my question. Is this a tough question?

Cisco Employee

Re: question on upgrade 2.46 to 3.15

1. you'll want to import the accounts into Exchange first I would imagine and then restore the messages - depending on how you're doing that (i.e. ExMerge or using a backup package or what). The docs are deliberately vague there since this is not a Unity specific item and you should refer to Microsoft documentation for the process of migrating your mailstores to a new server and upgrading OS versions and/or your backup/restore software for reccomendations on how to deal with your message store restore.

2. If you put your key on a 2.x system and bring it up, the key will be stamped as a 2.x key again and will not work on 3.x until you reapply your upgrade code to it to stamp it as a 3.x version key again.

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Re: question on upgrade 2.46 to 3.15

Thanks for your answer. Jeff

With regards to your answers, I would like to confirm

1. If I rebuild PDC NT4 for the new unity, if I imported the database from unity246, will the user account automatically created in PDC and also in ex55 directory?

2. Are you saying if I want to go back to UNity246, what I need to do is just reattach the dongle back to unit246 from 3.15? That's it?

Thanks again.

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Re: question on upgrade 2.46 to 3.15

I'll appreciate it if I can get answers.

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