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Questionable Services Running

Is there any reason for Unity 3.1.5 to be running any of the following services:





I've found both valid, and invalid uses for all the above, but I am not sure if any of these are on here maliciously. Is this still infected with a virus, even though Symantec, McAfee, or whatever says it isn't?

Any assistance would be appreciated - i'm a little sketched out with all these viruses running rampant.

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Re: Questionable Services Running

ctbbserv.exe is installed by Dialogic - I'm assuming you're using Dialogic voice cards in your system? If so, you need to leave that guy alone.

The SrvAny.exe is the pcANYWHERE service - that's fine.

the jk_nt_service is part of the Tomcat library used by the SA folks - that's fine as well.

ISMServ.exe is the internet mail service used by exchange I believe - you'll want to leave that one alone as well.

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Re: Questionable Services Running

ISM is inter-site messaging used, as per, for inter site messaging b/t 2000 Advanced servers. wasnt sure of it's place here, but i'll leave it alone anyway.

The problem we're having is that the svchost.exe process keeps dying on us about every other day. TAC seems to think this is a result of w32.welchia or w32.blaster. I ran the patches and the symantec removal tools, but niether seemed to encounter any issues. So, i started looking at the processes that were running, and cleaned out some stuff.

Does any one have an idea why SVCHOST.EXE would Dr. Watson every 36 - 48 hours? Error reported was that it was trying to access invalid memory space. BUt that seems odd since the server has been fine for approximately 4 months.


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