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queue and priority

Background: Our call center is actually a company help desk. Employee called in with their employee ID and agents will create a ticket number for them.

Requirement: We want that if the employee called in with ticket should be queue in high, which means serve him first whenever an agent is avalaible.An employee without ticket queue in normal.But now I only want to use one queue in the whole call script. How can I achieve this? DO I have to create two queues?Thanks


Re: queue and priority

You will only need to create one CSQ. What you need to do is prompt the caller for a ticket number (Get Digit String). In the Successful branch of the Get Digit String use the Set Priority (give it a Priority of 2. 1 is the default) and the the Select Resource step. In the timeout branch just use the Select Resource step. The caller who enters a ticket number will have a priority of 2 and the caller who didn't a priority of 1...



Get Digit String (Please enter ticket number or hold for agent.......)

- Successful

- Set Priority (2)

- Select Resource

- Timeout

- Select Resource

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Re: queue and priority


This solves one of my priority questions. I have another requirement also for prioirty. Customer wants give certain people with certain priority besides for ticket owner, for example, CEO prioirty 10,director 9 and so on.

It seems it won't achieve this if just use the solution for ticket priority. I think I may need use if ?Appriciate your help very much

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Re: queue and priority

You could use get call contact info and get the calling number, assign it to a variable and set the priority based on that as well.

If callingNumber = 1234 set the priority

if false, do the check for ticket number


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