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Quick Config Tool For CME


Wondering what people think about that Quick Config Tool for CME. I haven't seen much on the forums about it. Is it a good tool for getting someone up and going that has little experience?

Also, does it work with CME 4.x?

Comments? Suggestions?



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Re: Quick Config Tool For CME

The QCT is a great tool for setup of CME. The latest version finally does some VLAN support. There is not a version specific for 4.0 yet. Using the tool is great for an initial setup of a CME system it saves hours over doing it manually. I use a Symbol barcode scanner to scan in all my MAC addresses then setup my extention ranges, intercoms, paging groups,hunt groups and Unity Express in a flash. It really does save hours on a setup. Where it really shines is getting the initial config of Unity Express setup with the Phones at the same time.

If you are looking for a good text reference to CME and UE I highly reccomend this Cisco Press Title:

Cisco IP Communications Express: CallManager Express with Cisco Unity Express.

I also use the QCT it to do CME4.0 setups then change all the TFTP statements it produces to the current versions loaded in the router.

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Re: Quick Config Tool For CME

Excellent, thanks.

Could you just expand a bit on what you mean by the last statement about QCT and CME4.0? That's the version I'm getting, and I'd like to use it if possible.



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Re: Quick Config Tool For CME


The QCT tool is officially unsupported by Cisco at this time. Its development lags a bit behind the released versions of CME.

Downloads of the QCT tool match the version of CME you are running. You can download the tool here.

The main thing is that the configuration the QCT builds includes references to phone firmware loads for older versions of CME.

Use the QCT to build your config, but save it to notepad and modify the section that has the TFTP and load statements to match the CME4.0 version of the files. Then upload it to your router. I've listed a sample of the config portion you need to change at the bottom of this post.


!** TFTP server Configuration **



tftp-server flash:ATA030100SCCP040211A.zup

tftp-server flash:CP7902040000SCCP040701A.sbin

tftp-server flash:CP7905040000SCCP040701A.sbin

tftp-server flash:P00403020214.bin

tftp-server flash:CP7912040000SCCP040701A.sbin

tftp-server flash:S00103020002.bin

tftp-server flash:P00503010100.bin

tftp-server flash:cmterm_7936.3-3-5-0.bin

tftp-server flash:P00303020214.bin

tftp-server flash:P00305000301.sbn

tftp-server flash:P00303020214.bin

tftp-server flash:P00305000301.sbn

tftp-server flash:cmterm_7920.3.3-01-08.bin

tftp-server flash:TERM70.6-0-3SR1S.LOADS

tftp-server flash:TERM70.DEFAULT.loads

tftp-server flash:TERM71.DEFAULT.loads

tftp-server flash:cnu70.63-0-1-4.sbn

tftp-server flash:Jar70.63-0-1-4.sbn

tftp-server flash:jvm70.603ES1R4.sbn



!** CME TELEPHONY SERVICE Configuration **




call-forward pattern .T

load 7910 P00403020214

load 7960-7940 P00303020214

load 7914 S00103020002

load 7905 CP7905040000SCCP040701A

load 7902 CP7902040000SCCP040701A

load 7912 CP7912040000SCCP040701A

load ata ATA030100SCCP040211A

load 7935 P00503010100

load 7920 cmterm_7920.3.3-01-08

load 7970 TERM70.6-0-3SR1S

load 7971 TERM70.6-0-3SR1S

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