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Quiet Prompts

Recently installed Unity 3.13(c) overall volume of prompts and greetings are too quiet. Would like to increase volume independent of the subscriber volume option.<br><br>


Re: Quiet Prompts

The prompts are at -26 db (roughly) which is where you want everything to be leveled at if you can. What you want to do activate AGC to force all new recordings (greetings, voice names and messages) at -26 dB then relevel your already recorded greetings and voice names at -26 as well. Then everything will be the same level moving forward and varying volume levels incoming will be normalized by the AGC functionality.

Set the boost for record and playback in the WAV driver both to 0 so you're starting with a clean slate. You can get at these values in the registry using the Advanced Settings tool (ships with 3.x but get the latest off AnswerMonkey to get the latest settings).

You can turn on the AGC using the Advanced Settings tool as well. This will require a restart of Unity to take effect. Make sure to select -26 db

You can relevel your current voice names and greetings with the Set Volume tool also off AnswerMonkey (shipping with 3.1(3)). Set them to -26 db.

Now everything should be the same level and life is good. If the playback is still a little low, you can boost the playback volume increase in the wav driver (you can use WAVGain to do this on the fly) by a dB or two until you're happy with the level.

There's a white paper on this just around the corner but I don't think it's available on CCO just yet.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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