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"An Error occured and was logged. (undefined)". Does anyone fixed that ?

This message appears when someone press a Corporate Directory button.

CallManager has an installed ActiveDirectory plugin.

All Sps and WinOS updates were installed.

As I know - I'm not alone with this problem.

See previous conversation:;jsessionid=gwq0r1fj81.SJ2B?page=netprof&CommCmd=MB%3Fcmd%3Ddisplay_location%26location%3D.ee91df2


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Re: "An Error occured and was logged. (undefined)". Does anyone

The root cause of the issue is that when the LDAP connection first fails, there is no reconnect

mechanism and IIS needs to be restarted.

Try restarting IIS on callmanager and see if you still get the error. if you still have it, this could be a permissions issue with AD.

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Re: "An Error occured and was logged. (undefined)". Does anyone

Hello Chester,

You 're right.

After restarting IIS I can sometimes use Corporate Directory.

Later I got error messages in EventViewer from DCDirectory attached below.

What is a reason ? Incorrect installation AD Plugin at Subscriber, misconfigured passwords, or something else ?


(DSA ASSOC-MGR RECEIVE(44) Proc 29, Sev 12)

DC Directory Server failed to send an RO-INVOKE to /

Entity type: Adjacent DSA

Failure reason: No suitable association



(DSA REPLICATION(16) Proc 1021, Sev 14)

We have abandoned an outstanding primitive on the shadowing

agreement defined below, as our association to the partner

DSA has been lost.

agreement id 102

role (consumer/supplier) Supplier

partner DSA AE_Title /

old state Awaiting Coord Resp

event No association

new state Between Updates

action to take Ignore the event



(8224 KERNEL(8) Proc 130, Sev 8224)

ACSE - Association aborted

Control block index 1, type 1


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