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"catch all" translation pattern

Can someone please confirm that a xlation pattern of XXXX if placed in the normal "internal" partition will "catch" any dialled numbers that are not known by callmanager. If not, what is the best way of provisioning for this. I have also noticed that xlation patterns have an urgent priority, why?


Re: "catch all" translation pattern

it will 'catch' any unknown dialed numbers but since it is only 4 digits long, it may not perform as you expect on 7, 10 or 11 digit dials that are unknown

you can use an "!" to catch any sequence of any number of digits up to 35.

callManager sets all xlation patterns with urgent priority and it cannot be changed. this is simply used, in case of overLapping dial patterns, to interrupt the 'interDigit timer' so the call will be routed immediately. (just like other routePatterns, if marked Urgent, it interrupts interDigit timer so it does not have to timeOut before routing the call)

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Re: "catch all" translation pattern

Since translation patterns have the urgent priority flag set, this would match anything dialed but would also stop anyone from ever entering anything longer than four digits. As soon as the user hits that fourth digit, a match is found and the translation pattern kicks into action.

What problem are you trying to solve?

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