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"Edit" softkey doesn't work on Cisco 7912, Can't enter NTP or TFTP address

I can make and take calls on my Cisco 7912 phone and when I did the **# I could enter the 1234 default password to unlock the Padlock Icon and get into "Network Settings" and "SIP Configuration" on the IP phone. I never got around to resetting to a unique password. Now when I do **# it does not ask for a password and also when trying to enter a TFTP Server, NTP Server, I have no option to do so as the "Edit" softkey is not there anymore.

I also went into the phone via HTTP and while I could enter the info there, the option to save info was gone. I tried erased the config to start over and still would not let me enter the 1234 password or create a unique password.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? I want the phone to be password protected and have the TFTP and NTP Edit options working again. Shouldn't matter but I'm using SIP ver 8.0.1 downloaded from this site. Thanks in advance for any replies.


Re: "Edit" softkey doesn't work on Cisco 7912, Can't enter NTP o

To set password, you must first use the UIPassword parameter in the phone's profile file to set up a password. If you do not set up a password, you will not be able to change network settings, and Apply will not be available.

The following URL may help you:

The TFTP IP address can be entered using “Phone Configuration web page”

The following URL may help you:

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Re: "Edit" softkey doesn't work on Cisco 7912, Can't enter NTP o

Hello rrjoas45,

THANK YOU x 1,000,000 for the URLs!! My phone is back to the correct Date & Time. The "IVR System Menu Codes" table from the first URL was extremely helpful.

Thanks again very much for your help and have a great day!

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