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"Extension in use by call handler" but it's not!

I'm trying to add a subscriber with extension XYZ. Initially got an error back, Extension XYZ is in use by Callhandler A. It wasn't, but I deleted CH A to see what would happen. Now I get "Extension in use by CallHandler B". Unity 4.0(1), VMO, failover configured.

Anyone seen this before?

Cisco Employee

Re: "Extension in use by call handler" but it's not!

Try downloading the latest dbWalker I just posted today - it adds new checks to the DTMFAccessID table (the guy that stores all the extension numbers for all objects in the system) and see if you have any stranded rows in there or not. Failover could be throwing a wrinkle in to this but I'm not sure what it would be off hand.

You can get the latest here:

Just run the tests, don't select any automatic fix options - we'll want to take a look at any error reports before taking action on this given the replication to the failover box here.

Community Member

Re: "Extension in use by call handler" but it's not!

Actually, I just figured out what was happening, although I still don't know why. I started with dbWalker, it didn't bring up anything related to this issue. Then I used CUDLE to look at the DTMFAccessID table. In there I saw a reference to the problematic extension, pointing to a Call Handler. The call handler referenced had an alias of "CallHandler B" and a display name of "Goodbye". We, of course, already had a system Goodbye in place. I couldn't find the referenced CallHandler B in SA. I fired up the Audio Text Manager, and it saw CH B, used the link provided to open it in SA, and deleted. After this I could add the user as desired. I have no idea why this was happening, but it is fixed.

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