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"Failed attempting to fetch default location ID"

When I do a search on "Delivery Locations" and click on a location that represents one of the remote Unity systems, I get a message back from IE saying "Failed attempting to fetch default location ID" and I cannot view that delivery location. Any ideas what may be happening here?

Cisco Employee

Re: "Failed attempting to fetch default location ID"

Odd sounding error... which version of Unity are you running here? Same on the other Unity servers on the network?

Can you download the latest dbWalker version from here:

and run it? Don't do any automatic fixes, just run it and see if you get any error output - in particular at the end it'll check all the local location objects and make sure the local location object ID matches in the global locations table - it could be something along these lines or it could be the System ID in the local registry isn't matching what's in the database (could happen with reinstalls/restores in some cases). We should probably start with the dbWalker output first and go from there.

New Member

Re: "Failed attempting to fetch default location ID"

We're running 3.1(5) in both servers. After some more looking, I found the error only happens when I try to open a Location that was learned from the Unity server at the other site. For example, if I am on Unity B and I try to open a Delivery Location that was created on Unity A, I get the error. If I go to Unity server A, I can open the Delivery Location just fine and do whatever I need to. I was just getting confused and trying to open the Location from the wrong Unity server. My mistake.

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