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"Gatekeeper" funktion for MGCP


I'd like to figure out....

H.323 have gatekeeper for controling bandwidth...

Does MGCP have something like this?

How MGCP gateway khow that next call should goes to PSTN instead of WAN?

I did not see in CM anything... except location...that have bandwidth information....

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: "Gatekeeper" funktion for MGCP

Ah, well... you have come to the point now where it is best explained the difference between 2 different styles of voice signaling protocols.

One style is peer to peer. H.323 is an example, and SIP is another. With H.323 every terminal and gateway are peers when speaking with each other. They simply hand off information about the call and expect the next hop to handle the rest. The endpoints are intelligent. A gatekeeper can be added to provide functionality (specifically, RAS being the most basic thing) that would otherwise not be available to endpoints.

Another style is master-slave. An example is Skinny. The CallManager has device control over each Skinny endpoint, such as phones, gateways, etc. Any decision making as far as call routing, call progress information, anything about device behavior (depending on the specific protocol) is controlled by the call agent.


MGCP is also a master-slave style signaling method, so the MGCP call agent makes all call routing type decisions, including Call Admission Control, so in the CallManager case, the CM would do the Call Admission Control using what it has - Locations. But with Locations you can't fail over to the PSTN instead of the WAN.... yet.

Also note that there are other types of admission control that could apply, like bandwidth admission such as RSVP. That is a different story.

New Member

Re: "Gatekeeper" funktion for MGCP

Thanks for explanations....:-))

I was right in suggestion about Locations...

But I did not understand that part ...where you said ...."But with Locations you can't fail over to the PSTN instead of the WAN.... yet."

What does it mean? Sorry I am ESL..

What kind of failover you mean? Is it that Loacation with MGCP can not decide when start to route to PSTN (when WAN bandwidth ends) or it is something else...

And what you mean yet...Is it one of those things that should comes up in short time?

Anyway thans one more time... Your help is valuble...

You help me do most of things with CM...this week


Cisco Employee

Re: "Gatekeeper" funktion for MGCP

Yes, it means that if the location is out of bandwidth, it will not try to use the next item in the route list.

And when I say not yet, I just mean not yet. I don't know when it will be available but I know it's not available yet.

New Member

Re: "Gatekeeper" funktion for MGCP

And using another words....

If you want to be able make decision about routing after use all bandwith - then use H.323 gw and gatekeepers?

Or after all bw will be used you will get busy ..even if PSTN gw is available..

Is it correct?

Cisco Employee

Re: "Gatekeeper" funktion for MGCP


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