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"Messages" button only responds with new voice mail

I have three known users with a 7960 IP phone that is having problems with their "Messages" button. Their "Messages" button only responds when they have new voice mail. This prohibits them from accessing their voice mail account from their phone when no new voice mail is present.


Re: "Messages" button only responds with new voice mail

Can they still dial the voice mail pilot number, when there are no new voicemails?



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Re: "Messages" button only responds with new voice mail

Yes, they can still dial the voice mail pilot numbers when there is no new voice mail..


Re: "Messages" button only responds with new voice mail

You might try waiting until a quiet time and try using the vmail button when it fails, and collect the trace to see what is going on - here is what I get on my phone, after the off hook stuff:

05/02/2006 17:43:20.106 CCM|StationInit: (0000055) Stimulus stimulus=15(VoiceMail) stimulusInstance=1.|<:QPUB-CLUSTER><:><:1><:><:SEP000B46CAB455>

05/02/2006 17:43:20.106 CCM|StationD: (0000055) StopTone.|<:QPUB-CLUSTER><:><:1><:><:SEP000B46CAB455>

05/02/2006 17:43:20.106 CCM|StationD: (0000055) SelectSoftKeys instance=1 reference=16784716 softKeySetIndex=6 validKeyMask=ffffffff.|<:QPUB-CLUSTER><:><:1><:><:SEP000B46CAB455>

05/02/2006 17:43:20.106 CCM|Digit Analysis: getDaRes - voiceMailCallingSearchSpace=[]|<:QPUB-CLUSTER><:><:1><:><:SEP000B46CAB455>

05/02/2006 17:43:20.106 CCM|Digit analysis: match(pi="1", fqcn="5555550836", cn="0836",plv="4", pss="911:Internal:Local:TollFree:LocalDA:TollLongDistance:UnrestrictedIntl:VMPilotPartition", dd="0800",dac="0")|<:QPUB-CLUSTER><:><:1><:><:SEP000B46CAB455>

It sees the voicemail stimulus, and knows that is 0800. I do get an error early on about 'invalid line selected', and there is a service parameter for which line to select for the voicemail button:

Always Use Prime Line for Voice Message : This parameter specifies valid value as True or False. If the flag is set to True, when the message button is pressed, primary line gets chosen and becomes the active line. If the flag is set to False, phone automatically select a line with voice mail as the active line based on the line status.

This is a required field.

Default: false

Ours is set to false, and works, but maybe you have a different version and it is quirky. Our Always Use Prime Line is false too, if yours is different, maybe there is some odd interaction there.

Mary Beth

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